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Do I really want to know?

“I know they feel better about themselves right now, and confidence is
really a wondrous thing in regards to us humans,” said Tampa Bay
manager Joe Maddon. (about Carlos Peña and Evan Longoria, who combined for three hits in the first part of Game 5 after going hitless through the first four games)

Um…yeah. Er, who else would it be in regards to? Have you made contact with another planet, Joe? This is going to be a bizarre game regardless, with the “seventh-inning stretch” just six outs past the start of the game and relievers working, well, pretty much right from the start. (Of course, as certain extra-inning games have shown, it’s more like the “every seventh inning stretch”.) This is going to be really cool, no matter what happens, and if the Rays can take it back to Tampa, well, like I said, things could get epic. Now, for the obvious question: If the Rays do force Game 7, who gets the start for Philadelphia? Would they opt to bring Hamels back on short rest, or would they go with one of their other starters? And if it’s the latter, who do you choose, Moyer or Blanton? The way I see it, in Game 7 of the World Series, everyone is available to pitch. Since Hamels still wouldn’t have the full four days rest (although personally, I think this sucks anyway–call me a purist), I’d go with Blanton to start and bring Hamels and whoever else you need out of the bullpen. Of course, this is all just hypothetical–the Rays need to win Game 5 first, and then we can start thinking about Game 7 6. (No, I’m not even going to declare that one a foregone conclusion, even though they should have a marked advantage. There is only one time that I’ve called a postseason game that wasn’t guaranteed to occur to be a foregone conclusion if it did, and that was in 2004, right after Game 5 of the ALCS, when I facetiously referred to that night’s game as “Game 7”. That much I was certain of. With the Yankees ahead 3 games to 2, I was certain that there were only two possibilities: Yankees win it 4-2, or Red Sox win it 4-3. My reasoning for this was flawless in that just as I expected, the Red Sox absolutely hammered the Yankees’ poor excuse for a Game 7 starter.)

Also in the weird world of the 2008 World Series: the effects the rain
had on gambling. According to the Nevada Gaming Commission rules, the
final score of a baseball game is determined at the end of the last
completed inning, and so in Las Vegas, all bets on the Phillies in Game
5 have paid out, as they “won” 2-1 in five innings. There will be a
prop bet on the resumption of the game.