It’s all about the Plushdamentals

Passed Ball is all about the weirder side of the game, so naturally Tony Plush, aka Nyjer Morgan, is considered the best thing to happen to this blog since Ryan Freel was holding conversations with a little man named Farney tat lived inside his head. I’d first heard about Tony Plush by way of the magazine–I forget exactly which one, since The Sporting News, ESPN the Magazine, and Sports Illustrated are all regulars at this household. But when I turned on Quick Pitch and saw him slip into the Tony Plush persona during a postgame interview, well, I’m on the verge of actually joining Twitter in order to follow him. Of course, it’s probably best if I avoid Twitter–my own feed would likely be an endless stream of complaining, because I’m of such poor health that on the rare occasions that I wake up feeling 100%, I expect it to not last. I’m by no means “sickly”, usually more than well enough to function, but it’s always like 85%, 90%. There’s always some sort of little thing. Earlier today I was probably only 50%. Right now I’m maybe 70%, probably even lower. There’s some sort of injury to my right index finger; I think I saw a bruise but I’m not sure…ah, yes, the other reason why Twitter and I wouldn’t mix: I’m far too verbose.

Tony Plush, everyone!

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