Quick follow-up

See, this blog is all about when things get weird. And last night’s Mets-Cardinals game was very weird. The winning pitcher was a closer, while the save went to a starter, and the losing pitcher is normally an outfielder, while a starting pitcher made two putouts in left field. But here’s the really weird thing: Mike Pelfrey is currently the Mets’ leader in both wins and saves–and is not merely tied for the lead in either category. This is a rare occurrence in any situation, and furthermore it would be expected to be more likely to happen with a closer than a starter, because relievers picking up decisions is a lot more common than starters being put into relief situations. Heck, two games into the season, Hideki Okajima already had a record of 1-1, same as his team’s record. Even then, though, you’d expect something like that to happen in the first week of the season before things normalize, right? We’re nearly two weeks in. Then again, I guess it isn’t that slow a start…the Mets are 4-7 right now, which is only 3 games below .500, and since someone has to lose in every game, a slightly sub-.500 record is not atrociously bad. The Mets won their opener behind Johan Santana, and then their second win was in Game 4, which was Pelfrey’s first start of the year. They then lost four straight before picking up another win, which would of course be Pelfrey’s second start (it appears that the Mets are sticking with the full five-man rotation even with the heavy number of off-days early in the season), and their fourth win was last night. The scores of the first three wins: 7-1, 8-2, 5-0. Not a save situation to be found. This was the first save the Mets got all year, and it was tallied by the #4 man in their rotation, who also had wins in both of his first two starts.

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