The resurrection of Andruw Jones

I’ve been doing fairly well in SftC recently, and when I went to look at the play-by-play of last night’s Rangers-Angels game to see how Josh Hamilton did overall (already knowing that he’d failed to get a hit or a walk in his third plate appearance), I noticed that each of those first three ABs were immediately followed by “A Jones homered to left” (or left center, in one case), and I was thinking, “Wait, is that that ‘A Jones’?” Yeah, it is. Was his Dodgers contract up already? Nah, couldn’t have been. They must have released him. That’s the only explanation that makes sense, since there’s no way the Rangers would take on that kind of salary (and he’s not making nearly that much)…okay, maybe they would. It doesn’t say anything about him being released, but it’s quite obvious that that’s what happened. Anyway, he’s obviously been there this whole time, since those three home runs last night give him 14 on the year. How did I not know about this until now? (Or did I find out earlier in the season and just forget about it already?) One article written in the wake of last night’s game mentions how badly this must have stung fans on both sides of the LA divide, since the Dodgers only managed to get three home runs out of his bat all year in 2008. All I can say is, wow. Wait… Texas has always been one of the “red flag” teams, and I had my suspicions about him near the end of his time with the Braves after members of the ESPN show then known as Cold Pizza made note of how he’d gone from a speed guy to this huge slugger that shatters bats…You don’t think he’d be going back to an old habit, do you? …Eh, nothing’s ever been proven in the first place. Let’s just let sleeping dogs lie on this one.



    Andruw Jones just isn’t the same player he was for years in Atlanta. He will go down as one of the greatest defensive outfielders of all time but he is trying to be someone he isn’t. He isn’t a big power hitter and it’s clear that it really isn’t working for him. He had one amazing power season and I think it got to his head. It’s a real shame.

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