Trouble in Yankeeland

Chien-Ming Wang got lit up for the third straight start, as the Indians had a record day. Records that were broken or tied yesterday by the 14-run, 13-hit top of the second inning:

Runs allowed, Yankees, single inning: new record (former record not known)
Hits allowed, Yankees, single inning: new record (again, unknown)
Runs scored, Indians, single inning: tied (June 8, 1950, first inning, vs. Philadelphia Athletics)
Runs scored, Major League, single team, second inning: new record (former AL record was 13, I think held by two teams, but the site I found that on has already been updated; NL record is still 13, held by three teams spanning over a century. Here‘s the site if you want to see it.)

Of even greater concern than Wang’s struggles is the fact that New Yankee Stadium is starting to look like a real launching pad. Through three regular-season games, 17 home runs have been hit in the stadium, and the two preseason exhibition games held there had another 8. Two more homers have been hit so far today, halfway through the sixth. Yankee Stadium, a launchpad? It could happen. And frankly, that’s a really scary idea. Considering the stars that the Yankees find themselves able to land, we could end up with a clean home run record again in no time at all–or, worse, A-Rod. (Not this year, obviously, because he’s going to miss too much time.)

Showing they have a sense of humor, when Wang’s replacement (Anthony Claggett, in his major league debut) failed to stop the bleeding, the Yankee fans started chanting “We want Swisher!”

Cleveland has done this to New York quite a bit, apparently. A graphic in’s recap of the game shows that the four highest single-game run totals posted against the Yankees have all been courtesy of the Indians–24 at Cleveland on July 29, 1928; 23 at Cleveland on September 2, 2002; 22 at New York yesterday, and 22 at New York on July 19, 1987. Obviously, they’re forgetting about the other time Cleveland scored 22 runs at New York. You’d think they’d remember that one…

Also of note: The pitcher holding the Yanks to 1 run right now is Carl Pavano.

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