This could be troublesome

Bill Simmons has a nice little article up on about Manny Ramirez. One image shown in the article, however, is cause for concern: Do you remember what happens when scoreboards make premature declarations? Worse yet, this was the team’s own scoreboard. Strictly speaking, the laws of karma shouldn’t have made that work in ’86–just the opposite, actually, the defeatist attitude making it so. Quite a shame, really, as the Dodgers are in prime position to advance to the next round. I suppose it will be the Phillies’ or Brewers’ job to exact the baseball gods’ punishment for this bit of hubris… (And confidentially, before the Mets’ collapse, I had the Dodgers winning the pennant. Then the Cubs-Dodgers series got moved to the first round, and I ended up with the Brewers, before pulling off and going for the Cubs…and then seeing Game 1, seeing the pitching matchup for Game 2, and going back to Dodgers. Unless it isn’t. When I said Brewers, I was unaware of the injury to Sheets, which changes everything. CC can’t do it alone, so this could be a Phillies-Dodgers NLCS.)

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