Just can’t hate

Earlier this season, in preparation for a trip to Tampa, I wrote an entry called “Ten Things I Hate About the Tampa Bay Rays”. And yet, a week or so ago, I realized–I just can’t hate these guys. Maybe it’s because we were catching them, and they were in a down stretch, but I just couldn’t get up the venom for them. Still can’t, even though they did their typical late-inning comeback thing again. Well, “comeback” might not be a great word, since it was a 2-1 game and the tying run came just one inning after the Sox took the 1-0 lead. Still another walkoff win. If they keep this up, the term “Metrodome special” will be replaced with “(insert name of Rays’ new stadium) special” when the Metrodome closes down. If things go south with the Red Sox, I think I will be rooting for the Rays, after all. Besides, how can you hate a team whose manager gets a mohawk as a sign of unity with his players? Joe Maddon is an interesting character, to say the least, but we’ve known that since we saw the shift he employed against Big Papi. Papi memorably responded to the exaggerated shift with a bunt base hit down the third base line. The funny thing is, if Papi had any speed to speak of, he’d be able to get a double by bunting on that shift. That’s how ridiculous the shift is.

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