Hangnail part 2

September has finally hit, and although, as expected, the Brewers have done enough winning to knock out Washington on the wild card front, they really did manage to stay on board on their division. They just aren’t losing these days, it seems. A warning to all teams who face the Nationals down the stretch: Don’t expect a pushover.

Speaking of the Brewers, there’s been quite the discussion about CC Sabathia’s most recent outing. I saw the replays, and it looks like an error to me. I don’t know what my decision would’ve been if I’d seen it as it were happening, watching the game, but I think he deserves a no-hitter.

And speaking of no-hitters, today is the one-year anniversary of Clay Buchholz no-hitting the Baltimore Orioles. Interestingly enough, the Orioles are at Fenway again tonight.

Today’s elimination scenarios: Washington out of the NL East with a loss or a Mets win (Phillies win alone would be enough, but they’re playing Washington so that goes unsaid); Seattle out of AL Wild Card with a loss or Boston win. Two-day scenario: Cincinnati out of NL Central with a loss and a Cubs win or two Cubs wins (Cincy has off-day today, otherwise this could happen in one day). Not going to do three-day projections this time.

Update, a few hours after initial posting: The Mets won, so Washington is officially out of the postseason completely. The standings on MLB.com should still show an elimination number of 1, but as I’ve said before, games remaining between top clubs can make elimination numbers smaller than they appear, because they only consider what it takes to catch the current leader. The Nats could theoretically catch up to the Mets, but they can’t catch both the Mets and the Phillies. They’re beating the Phillies right now, by the way.

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