Humpty-Dumpty Baseball



Wish I could’ve wrapped it all up in that other entry, but that final condition kept me from talking about a few of the most important teams. Thursday brought drama, as the Rockies rallied from a 5-4 deficit after 10½ to win 6-5 in 11 innings, and the Diamondbacks recreated the Mother’s Day Miracle with six ninth-inning runs to beat the Brewers, 6-5. (D-Backs, Brewers and Rockies were all in that minority unrepresented.) The Rox did it again Friday night, winning in walkoff fashion after trailing by a different score at the end of almost every inning–5-1 after one, 7-3 after two, 7-4 after three, 13-5 after four, 13-9 after five, 13-12 after six, 17-16 after seven and again after eight before taking their first lead of the game with none out in the bottom of the ninth, an 18-17 victory over the Marlins. It’s not a Coors Field record for combined runs in a game–CIN 24, COL 12 back in 1996, or was it ’97?–but it is a record for largest deficit overcome by the Rockies to win a game, the nine runs that they trailed by after 3½ one more than the eight-run deficits they’d overcome against the Padres on two separate occasions. Kevin Youkilis had a bizarre triple, the ball caroming off the end of Johnny Damon’s glove and bouncing multiple times on the top of the wall before coming to rest there, only to eventually fall back to the field of play due to the shaking of the Stadium. MLB vice president of umpiring Mike Port believes that it would’ve been a home run if it had stayed on the wall because it’d broken the front plane, but it would be discussed in upcoming days. Also, Joe Borowski, namesake of the “Borowski save”, has been released by the Native Americans Indians. Reid Brignac debuted in place of the injured Jason Bartlett, one of the few good things to come out of that nightmarish seventh, and contributed with sparkling defense, turning a tough double play after a bobble by Aki Iwamura resulted in him receiving the feed just seconds before David DeJesus of the Royals came barreling in on him. He went 0-for-3 but scored the tenth run of the Rays’ 11-2 victory after reaching base on an eighth-inning walk.

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